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Modern Seal Roofing is Melbourne's leading roofing company, having serviced Melbourne and the surrounding metropolitan areas for over 25 years collectively. We pride ourselves on an offering of the highest possible quality roof restoration Melbourne services to our customers.

Over the past decade, our team has been providing quality roof restoration Melbourne and roof repairs Melbourne services. Our professional roofing team has the skills necessary to refurbish your roof to their former glory. They will not dodge costly roof repairs Melbourne, but instead, perform whatever work required to improve the roof’s performance and enhance the aesthetics of your house.

Whether it is roof replacement, work on a Colorbond roof, general roof repair or any other kind of Roof Restoration in Melbourne; we are a one-stop-shop for all roofing needs.

We offer every kind of roofing services needed, to the residential properties located in both the South East and Eastern Regions of Melbourne. Our team has successfully handled countless instances of roof restoration in Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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Our roof restoration services address issues like leaks, rot, rust, detachment, peeling paint, cracks, holes, roof painting or replacing fascia and gutters. Additionally, we offer comprehensive roof restoration solutions that entail high-pressure cleaning, tile replacement, valley replacement, complete ridge cap re-bedding, repointing with flexible pointing, and roof respraying using our exclusive 4-coat system. This will help you protect your cement, terracotta tiled or metal roof from potential damage threats.

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Roof repairs are essential due to the wear and tear that it suffers due to constant exposure to external elements. Our expert roofers understand the significance of a fully functional, leak-free roof and are capable of handling all roof types, from cement to terracotta tiles. We are known for delivering top-quality repairs in Melbourne and nearby suburbs. We address your roof repair needs, including leak repair, valley replacement, full ridge cap rebedding, storm damage repairs, and more.


As Colorbond roof restoration specialists in Melbourne, we prioritise preserving, enhancing the appearance, and adding value to your property. Our process includes thorough pressure cleaning of the roof to remove dirt and grime before applying anti-rust treatment to affected areas. We finish it with a 3-coat metal application system.


If your gutters appear aged and rusted, leading to leaks under the eaves, it's crucial to consider a replacement. We offer guttering and fascia cover installations in numerous Colorbond colours, with our preferred brand being Ace Gutters. These gutters come in various profiles and boast a 20-year guarantee, making them the most sought-after choice in guttering.


Want to add more rooms to your existing home? Our roofing expert team specialises in new roof extensions, providing a seamless and beautiful addition to your home. We ensure that the extension perfectly matches the original roof tiles, creating a natural and cohesive appearance. Our services encompass various roof types- including cement and terracotta tiles, all tailored to your preferences at a competitive and affordable price range.


Investing in a new Colorbond roof ensures years of maintenance-free convenience, enhances your home's value, reduces roof weight, and offers aesthetic appeal as it comes in a wide array of colour options. Our services encompass Veranda Roofs, Garage Roofs, and Laser Lights for verandas, providing comprehensive roofing solutions.


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Very professional and efficient people! Quick on their reply and has done a very thorough roof restoration in Melbourne on my house. I would highly recommend these people.

Tony Hsu


The team at Modern Seal Roofing are truly professional for full Roof restoration work. Able to communicate well and be flexible enough to suit my schedule changes. They also finish on time. My roof now looks better than brand new. Really recommend Modern Seal roofing specially Jim, Michael and Steve.

Tommy Tse


Why would I go anywhere else?!! This is the 2nd roof I've had restored by the team and they did an outstanding job. Please do yourself a favour and call Michael for all your roof restoration and roof repair work. You won't get better.

Maria Ferrigno


Can't believe how my roof looks after the full roof restoration! High recommended

George Zagarelos


We had an amazing experience with Michael and his team. Michael was very responsive and the process was explained in full details and step by step. He was very patient with all our questions and concerns. This is a team of professionals and we would highly recommend them.

Asieh Motazedian


Highly satisfied with the company and the workers for my full roof restoration work!

John Tzimas


What is the estimated 2024 cost of roof restoration in Melbourne?

In 2024, roof restoration in Melbourne is expected to cost around $4,000 and can go up to anywhere from $20,000, depending on the condition of your roof at the time of restoration. If we have to take per square metre costs, it costs anywhere between $20 to $40. Again, the costs largely depend on the condition of the roof. We suggest you get an obligation-free quote from our expert roofers to have an exact estimation of the costs of roof restoration in 2024.

Is it better to opt for roof restoration over roof replacement in 2024 keeping Melbourne’s weather in mind?

Again, opting for roof restoration or roof replacement in 2024 depends on various factors including: - Age of the roof and the number of repairs and restoration efforts it underwent in the past - Size and pitch of the roof - Material and style of the roof - Access to the roof There may be other factors as well that may add up to establish if your roof needs a restoration or replacement like Melbourne’s harsh weather conditions that may take a toll on the roof. However, roof restoration is always suggested if you have a relatively new roof and in case of minor to some extent major repairable damages. Roof restoration is a cost-effective way as well to breathe new life in your existing roof.

How much does it cost to repoint the roof in Australia?

Cost of repointing the roof in 2024 averages around $1,300 to $2,000 depending on its condition. Roof repointing is covered under roof restoration and thus, if you are opting for restoration of your roof, there is no need to opt for separate roof repointing solutions. Read about what’s included in our roof restoration services- here!

Are roof restorations worth it?

Definitely! Roof restoration not only efficiently saves you from the roof replacement costs, but also extends the overall life of your roof by many years.

How long does a roof restoration last?

Generally, in our experience our roof restoration solutions have lasted over 12-15 years in Melbourne, Australia. However, the exact life on the roof restoration depends on the different conditions the roof is exposed to.

How often should you do roof restoration?

Generally, roofs should be inspected and restored every 2-5 years in case of old and ageing roofs. In the case of relatively new roofs, around every 5-8 years it is expected to get the roof restored to extend its overall life.

How do you restore a Colorbond roof in 2024?

The best way to restore your Colorbond roof at any point of time should be through professional roofers. Our roofers are equipped with industry-standards gears and safety rails before they climb up any roof to ensure expert solutions.

How much does it cost to restore a Colorbond roof in Melbourne in 2024?

Colorbond roof restoration costs average around $5,000 to $21,000 in 2024 across Melbourne, Australia. When we talk about per square metre Colorbond roof restoration costs, it averages around $49 to $95. The latest price of the Colorbond roofing sheet in 2024 ranges from $18 to $40 per square metre (excluding the installation costs).

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