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Roof Repairs & Roof Restoration Melbourne For Residential Properties

Modern Seal Roofing is Melbourne's leading roofing company, having serviced Melbourne and the surrounding metropolitan areas for over 25 years collectively. We pride ourselves on an offering of the highest possible quality roof restoration Melbourne services to our customers.

Over the past decade, our team has been providing quality roof restoration Melbourne and roof repairs Melbourne services. Our professional roofing team has the skills necessary to refurbish your roof to their former glory. They will not dodge costly roof repairs Melbourne, but instead, perform whatever work required to improve the roof’s performance and enhance the aesthetics of your house.

Deteriorated Roof? Our Roofing Professionals Can Help Bring it Back to Life!

A roof bears the brunt of the external weather conditions all year long, thus, their condition tends to naturally deteriorate over time. The compromising of your roof affects both the protection of the building’s internals, as well as the external appearance. 

An effective roof needs to be sturdy and robust to defend against the ever-changing Melbourne climate, as it plays perhaps the most vital role in protecting a house’s structure. It also moderates the temperature of your home, through the contrasting Australian conditions, like extreme sunlight, torrential rain & tremendous winds. Without sufficient protection, these elements can result in roof leakage, wet rot, rust, detachment, peeling paint, the formation of cracks, holes or stains. If you are already experiencing any of these types of damage, you need immediate professional help for roof restoration in Melbourne. 

Other external indicators of damage to look out for include cement falling away from ridge caps, or visible signs of water leakage within the roof. If you notice either, it's time you consider roof restoration Melbourne and roof repair Melbourne.

You can get in touch with our roofing experts, who are capable of providing the solution to amend your unique situation, by calling 0413 464 666 or emailing [email protected].

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Whether it is roof replacement, work on a Colorbond roof, general roof repair or any other kind of Roof Restoration in Melbourne; Modern Seal Roofing is a one-stop-shop for all roofing needs. We offer every kind of roofing service needed, to the residential properties located in both the South East and Eastern Regions of Melbourne. Our team has successfully handled countless instances of roof restoration in Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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Modern Seal Roofing is a team of expert roofing contractors providing roof restoration Melbourne, roof restoration South East Melbourne and roof restoration Eastern Suburbs. Our specialists have experience in all aspects of roofing, from restoration to repairs, inspections and painting. We guide you through the entire process and use only the highest quality materials, to ensure your home has a healthy and stable roof, all year long. 

Our professionals provide you with competitively-priced services that are both comprehensive and flexible, to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on the passion we have for providing exceptional results for everything relating to roof restoration, Eastern Melbourne. Homeowners can trust our dedicated and skilled roofers for any of their roofing solutions

As we are a Melbourne based roofing company, we understand the Australian climate and the accompanying essential elements of roof maintenance required, to keep your home standing strong through every season.

Contact us today for reliable roofing advice that will enhance the longevity of your roof. We are also proud to offer FREE roof inspection and quote.


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Roof Restoration Melbourne - Modern Seal Roofing is the leading roof restoration and roof repairs company based in Melbourne. We offer Roofing services in South East and East regions of Melbourne. Your property roof should be in good condition - strong enough to protect your home or workplace against the ever-changing Melbourne climate. Through sunlight, heat, cold, rain and wind, your roof also controls the temperature of your building. Older roofs can develop leaks, wet rot, rust, detachment, peeling paint, cracks, holes or stains which indicate the need of roof restoration or repair. At Modern Seal Roofing, we stand by our work, giving you a written 10-year guarantee. Contact us for expert advise on roof restoration and roof Repairs Melbourne.

Roof Restoration Melbourne

Roof Repairs Melbourne - Every house needs a roof repair after a certain period of time due to the wear and tear caused by different factors. Our roofing experts understand completely the importance of having a fully functional roof without the fear of leakage or tile breakage. From cement to terracotta tiles, we can repair any roof type. Modern Seal Roofing ensures high quality roof repair for all their clients across Melbourne & nearby suburbs. No job is too large or too small - we can do a simple pressure clean or provide you with a completely new roof. For any Roof Repair job, talk to us now.

Roof Repairs Melbourne

Modern Seal Roofing are specialists in Colorbond roof restorations in Melbourne, the main reason to restore a metal roof is to preserve, and make your home look more attractive and add more value to your property. The roof is thoroughly pressure cleaned to remove dirt and grime. Anti rust is then applied to treat affected areas and then sprayed with a 3 coat metal application system. The results are fantastic, in fact your metal restored roof looks like a new Colorbond roof. All our work is guaranteed. Contact Modern Seal Roofing for roof restoration in Melbourne & nearby suburbs.

Colorbond Roof Restoration Melbourne

When your gutters are looking old and rusted, causing leaks to under eaves, then it’s time that they are replaced, we install guttering and fascia cover, in a lot of colourbond colours, the brand that we prefer to use is Ace Gutters,they come in a few different profiles and are guaranteed for 20 years, in fact they are the most sought after brand in guttering.

Colorbond Guttering Fascia Cover

Thinking of adding more rooms in your already existing home? This is the right place for you. Our roofing expert team specialises in new roof & extensions to give a beautiful topping to your home. We make sure that the extension matches the original roof tiles to give a new yet natural look and won’t give the benefit of different looking tiles which we notice in certain houses. There are different roof types we cater and our professional team deals in cement, terracotta tile and etc, according to your wishes with competitive yet affordable price range. We respect value for money and deliver what you pay for and nothing less.

New Roof & Extensions Melbourne

A new colourbond roof will give you many years of maintenance-free, it increases the value of your home, there’s less weight on your roof, looks good and comes in many different colours, if you’re in need of a new colourbond roof call us today.