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Modern Seal Roofing is known to be the leading roofing contractor holding its significance for more than 25 years in Melbourne and most of its surroundings. Our persistence and quality-driven approach have helped us deliver the services for roof restoration, repairs & painting in Somerville. We ensure to provide excellence in our roofing services and professionalism throughout the roof restoration process.

Reliable roof restoration in Surrey Hills to prevent your roof from aging.


Modern Seal Roofing is one of the most trusted residential roofing contractors for roof restoration in Surrey Hills. Our team of skilled roofing experts ensure that your roof is intact and shining. For more than 25 years, we have been marking our significance with promising roofing solutions.

Our quality roof restoration services and advanced equipment have helped us protect the roofs of most of the properties in Surrey Hills. We support the homeowners in increasing their houses' lifespan and boosting their property value.

So, make sure you get your roof revamped to enhance its aesthetic appeal and add to the house's durability.

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Our five-step roof restoration process:


Modern Seal Roofing performs all the steps while restoring the roof to ensure perfection. We start with a thorough inspection, and then we perform the cleaning and finally work on the maintenance part of your roof.

Following are the steps that we follow for roof restoration:

  • Installing the safety rails for proper assistance and security.
  • High-pressure roof cleaning to remove dirt, moss and lichen.
  • Rebedding and repointing the roof.
  • Replacing the broken tiles and valley to make the home weatherproof.
  • Applying four coats of paint by following the four-coat painting system.

roof restoration in Surrey Hills

Roof Repairs Process






Experienced roofers for roof repairs in Surrey Hills.


The team of Modern Seal Roofing is highly qualified and holds many years of experience in the industry. So, to save your family from danger due to leaky roofs or broken tiles, you can choose a trustworthy roofing company like us as we specialise in roof repairs in Surrey Hills.

We are the one-stop solution for roof repairs for proper fixing, revamping and maintaining the roof. So, if you experience any irregularities with the roof of your house, you know who you should turn to. We ensure to perform overhaul maintenance of the roof.

Hire the best roofing contractors for roof repairs in Surrey Hills.

We perform a comprehensive roof repair process for maintaining your roofs.


Being the top roof repair experts in Surrey Hills, we ensure to follow a step-by-step roof repair process. Our team of roofing experts leave no stone unturned to give your roof the new life it deserves.

Roof repair steps we follow:

  • Installation of safety rails.
  • Fixation of leaks and damage.
  • Replacement of the valley.
  • Replacement of broken tiles.
  • Rebedding and repointing the roof.

We ensure safety and professionalism while performing all these services to provide a flawless roof.

Roof repairs in Surrey Hills

Why choose Modern Seal Roofing for roof restoration & repairs in Surrey Hills?


Modern Seal Roofing is the best choice for all roofing solutions in Surrey Hills. Our team of highly trained roofers and the availability of resources and equipment make us the most reliable and diverse roofing company in Surrey Hills.

Here are some of the significant reasons to hire our roof restoration and repair services:

  • A great variety of roofing services.
  • Availability of quality cleaning products.
  • Cost-effective and lasting services.
  • Ten-year workmanship warranty.
  • Maintained safety and top-notch quality.
  • All-round customer support.
  • Obligation-free inspection.

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