What is Pressure Cleaning?

The Pressure cleaning process is when your roof is washed down using high psi pressure washers, to remove moss and lichen from the roof, a roof cleaned has longer life expectancy, and is prepared in order to be coloured with our 4 coat colouring system. We Pressure clean the roof and we make sure we clean all the spouting thorough and around the exterior of the whole house after we washed the roof.

What is Valley Replacement?

Valley irons get replaced to make sure the valleys don’t leak, A rusted valley can cause leaks and create damage to your interior plaster ceilings and the walls, The new valleys are installed and left dry and clips used to hold valley cuts,

What is Rebedding?

Rebbeding is a process which we remove all the old mortar from the ridge-caps and replace with new mortar, thus insuring the ridge caps will last a long time without any cracks or loose mortar.

What is Repointing?

The Repointing process is when we point up all the ridge caps in flexible pointing, flexible pointing cement is a rubberised compound which is applied on top of the rebedded ridge caps, there’s no cracks caused to the flexipoint with strong winds and/or house movement.

What is a Roof Extension?

we can match your old roofing tiles and then restore the roof to make it look original, We do cement and terracotta roof extensions, and all of our tradesmen are professional and licensed roof tilers,

The benefits of a roof restoration

A Roof Restoration benefits and extends the life of your roof, It keeps the water out and withstands all the harsh weather that Melbourne has to offer, it gives your property a lot more value because your roof is about 30% of the exterior of your house and makes sure it’s dry at all times

How long does it take for the completion of a Roof Restoration?

A full roof restoration usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 days depending of the size of the roof, of course we only work weather permitting

How much does a roof restoration or repair cost?

Every roof size is different and so is the price of the repair or the roof restoration, Our prices are very competitive within the market and they are mid-range, and when you hire us you are hiring Melbourne‘s premier roofing contractors to restore your roof

Are we insured?

We are fully insured to undertake any roofing work

Is our work Guaranteed?

All our work come with a written guarantee for a period of 10 years

What types of roofs do we restore?

We restore all types of roofs which are cement, Terracotta and metal roofs

Do we service all areas?

We service all of south-eastern suburbs and Melbourne metropolitan areas

Why choose Modern Seal Roofing to get your roof restored?

Modern Seal Roofing has a lot of years of experience also they are the best in the roofing industry, And the roof finished stands out from the rest and always comes with 10 years written guarantee, our slogan is we are Melbourne‘s premier roofing contractors, And our work stands out from the rest and you get the best looking roof in the block

What is Spraying the Roof (Roof Painting) ?

Spraying a roof is the process at which we spray a 4 coat system, we apply maxi primer as the first coat and spray colouring sealants for the remainder 3 coats, we only use the highest form of paints and highly recommend them, they are called Regent paints,and we have tested them for the past 25 years, there is 42 colours available so there’s a colour for everyone, all paints are suited for collecting drinking water from the roof and they belong in the water based acrylic family of paints.we take pride when re spraying a roof and the results are fantastic, with over 25 years experience we can get the best results for your roof.we can give you the best looking roof in your street.

Are we members of the HIA?

Yes, we are members of the HIA, and have been for many years.

What accessories do we install?

We install wind driven roof ventilators that have a built in exhaust fan, they take all the hot air out in summer and all the moisture build up in winter, they are tested to 200 kph and last beyond 15 years, in fact they never stop spinning.

What other services do we provide?

In addition to roof repairs, valley replacements, and full roof restorations, we also arrange to have your guttering and down pipes replaced as well as installing metal fascia cover, and providing you with a quote to get a new colourbond roof installed.

Do we do any timber work to the roof?

Yes, we replace the timbers to Dutch gables on the roofs as well as timber Scotias, we also fix any other timber problems that the roof might have, in addition to that we have qualified carpenters to take care of all your other carpentry needs.

What is the estimated 2024 cost of roof restoration in Melbourne?

In 2024, roof restoration in Melbourne is expected to cost around $4,000 and can go up to anywhere from $20,000, depending on the condition of your roof at the time of restoration. If we have to take per square metre costs, it costs anywhere between $20 to $40. Again, the costs largely depend on the condition of the roof. We suggest you get an obligation-free quote from our expert roofers to have an exact estimation of the costs of roof restoration in 2024.

Is it better to opt for roof restoration over roof replacement in 2024 keeping Melbourne’s weather in mind?

Again, opting for roof restoration or roof replacement in 2024 depends on various factors including: - Age of the roof and the number of repairs and restoration efforts it underwent in the past - Size and pitch of the roof - Material and style of the roof - Access to the roof There may be other factors as well that may add up to establish if your roof needs a restoration or replacement like Melbourne’s harsh weather conditions that may take a toll on the roof. However, roof restoration is always suggested if you have a relatively new roof and in case of minor to some extent major repairable damages. Roof restoration is a cost-effective way as well to breathe new life in your existing roof.

How much does it cost to repoint the roof in Australia?

Cost of repointing the roof in 2024 averages around $1,300 to $2,000 depending on its condition. Roof repointing is covered under roof restoration and thus, if you are opting for restoration of your roof, there is no need to opt for separate roof repointing solutions. Read about what’s included in our roof restoration services- here!

Are roof restorations worth it?

Definitely! Roof restoration not only efficiently saves you from the roof replacement costs, but also extends the overall life of your roof by many years.

How long does a roof restoration last?

Generally, in our experience our roof restoration solutions have lasted over 12-15 years in Melbourne, Australia. However, the exact life on the roof restoration depends on the different conditions the roof is exposed to.

How often should you do roof restoration?

Generally, roofs should be inspected and restored every 2-5 years in case of old and ageing roofs. In the case of relatively new roofs, around every 5-8 years it is expected to get the roof restored to extend its overall life.

How do you restore a Colorbond roof in 2024?

The best way to restore your Colorbond roof at any point of time should be through professional roofers. Our roofers are equipped with industry-standards gears and safety rails before they climb up any roof to ensure expert solutions.

How much does it cost to restore a Colorbond roof in Melbourne in 2024?

Colorbond roof restoration costs average around $5,000 to $21,000 in 2024 across Melbourne, Australia. When we talk about per square metre Colorbond roof restoration costs, it averages around $49 to $95. The latest price of the Colorbond roofing sheet in 2024 ranges from $18 to $40 per square metre (excluding the installation costs).