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Modern Seal Roofing is known to be the leading roofing contractor holding its significance for more than 25 years in Melbourne and most of its surroundings. Our persistence and quality-driven approach have helped us deliver the services for roof restoration, repairs & painting in Somerville. We ensure to provide excellence in our roofing services and professionalism throughout the roof restoration process.

Why consider roof restoration for your roof?

1. Extends your roof’s life: You should consider getting your roof restored as it can add 10 to 15 years of life to your roof.

2. Notably costs you less: Unlike entirely replacing the roof, the restoration costs you significantly low as it demands minimal labor or roof material resources.

3. Boosts your safety: A home with a falling roof could potentially pose a threat to your life. So, to ensure safety, you should restore your roof.

4. Prevents future damage: Roof restoration acts as a preventive measure to save your roof from further damage and even prevents it from getting worse.

Looking for quality services for roof restoration in Somerville?


To effectively restore your roof, you should rely on a professional roofing company like Modern Seal Roofing which offers the highest quality assistance for roof restoration in Somerville.

Our comprehensive roof restoration process includes:

  • Installing safety rails
  • Roof cleaning
  • Rebedding
  • Repointing
  • Replacing broken tiles
  • Replacing valleys
  • 4 coat painting

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Advantages of getting your roof repaired:

  • Timely roof repair by professionals improves the durability of your house and provides you with the comfort you need.
  • Fixing the major and minor issues can help you avoid water damage from the interior of your house.
  • Roof repairs can majorly increase the energy efficiency of your house.

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Whether you are facing regular wear and tear or there’s severe damage caused by the storm, you should consider getting your roof repaired to maintain it strong. So, make sure you trust the most reliable roofing company so that you can be assured that the work of your house is in safe hands.

Modern Seal Roofing is all set to help you with quality solutions for roof repair in Somerville. We acquire the strength of skilled roofers and all the required resources to give your roof a new life. We specialise in roof repair services, including leak prevention, storm damage, tiles damage, venting problems, etc.

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Modern Seal Roofing ticks off all the requirements and parameters to be the most reliable roof repair and restoration company near Somerville. Our unmatchable quality roofing solution and highly trained workforce make us the most promising roofing experts in Somerville. We ensure to hire the best roofing professionals and constantly train them to work on the advanced technology with premium quality products. We take pride in showcasing our top-grade services and professional customer support. We strive to provide our customers with the safest, most effective, unforgettable roof repair and restoration experience.

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Look no further and hire the best roofing specialist to give your roof the healthy life that it deserves. The roofing staff of Modern Seal Roofing is ready to lend their helping hands by providing you with overhaul roofing services that include services like restoration, repairs and painting in Somerville.

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