Roof Restoration & Repairs in Mentone

Roof restoration is a comprehensive process that goes beyond correcting any immediate problems for your Mentone home.


For over 25 years, Modern Seal Roofing has been providing a wide range of roofing services to Mentone homes. Our experience in the industry means we specialise in roof restorations and repairs, along with providing guttering services and siding installation.

We are licensed, bonded and insured. And our experts are trained, certified and use the latest equipment to ensure fast, reliable service with minimal disruption.

Our high-quality roof restoration that lasts for years.


Roof restoration endeavours to transform your roof back to brand new condition. It's a process that will make your existing tiled or metal roof look brand new without taking it off.

Our roof restoration process involves:






Restore any kind of tiled or metal roof back to a brand new condition.


Well, when we talk about our roof restoration process, it’s not just an external makeover; it also provides protection to your Mentone property. By using high-quality products and a comprehensive restoration process, we're able to ensure that your roof not only looks great but is also better protected from the elements. When you choose our roof restoration service, you can rest assured that we'll take care of everything.

Our roof repair services are unrivalled in the region. We ensure your roof is like new again.


Sometimes it may seem like your roof is in perfect condition, but there could be unseen problems lurking. The major causes of damage are weather, such as heavy rains and strong winds, or accidents caused by falling trees or branches. Roofs are also affected by old age, especially when they have not been properly maintained.

If you have a damaged roof that needs to be repaired, you can get reasonable estimates from roofing contractors.

We at Modern Seal Roofing have been offering dependable, professional roof repairs to Mentone and neighbourhood areas. We have the knowledge and skills to make sure your roof repair is done right the first time. Our roof repair contractors are ready to assist with any type of roofing issue quickly and affordably. We specialise in residential roof repairs and can handle any size job.

Call the reliable professionals at Modern Seal Roofing when you need roof repair services in Mentone.


Invest in roof painting to add value to your home, protect your roof from future damage, and make a stylish statement.

Roof painting is cost-effective to achieve thermal protection, reflectivity, and increased durability. A repaint of an existing roof also offers a great opportunity to upgrade the existing paint system of your Mentone home.


How to prepare your Mentone home’s roof for painting to achieve a long-lasting roof?

Before painting your roof, it is advisable to clean the roof. It will result in a great finish. Paint does not stick to dirty surfaces, and the lifespan of your paint job can be improved. Also, roof repairs may be required to fix your roof before going ahead with painting it. This may include:

  • Fixing any leaks and cracks that may be present
  • Repairing or replacing any broken tiles or metal sheet
  • Resealing the point where the roof meets the walls
  • Fixing saggy roofs

After our roof cleaning and repairs process is completed, the roof is ready to be applied with a new coat of paint. Our painting process involves 4-coat paint that protects against moisture and discolouration.

Why should you choose Modern Seal Roofing for roof painting in Mentone?


There are three main reasons to paint your roof:

  • To improve thermal performance and reduce energy consumption by reflecting the sun's heat. The lighter the colour, the greater the reflection.
  • To waterproof and prolong the life of your roof. A well-prepared and maintained painted surface is far more durable than most other coatings and significantly reduces maintenance costs.
  • To upgrade aesthetics by restoring the appearance of a new roof or improving the look of an existing one. It's possible to increase your property's value with a coat of paint!

Experts at Modern Seal Roofing have been painting Mentone home’s roofs for years and have perfected a 4-coat paint system.

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