Why should you opt for a roof inspection before purchasing a new house?

June 1, 2021

Buying a new home is likely one of the biggest decisions in one's life. Thus, nothing should be hurried as it's important to get things inspected the very first time to have a clear idea of the actual state of any particular house.

Because roofs are so expensive, and considering how integral roofs are to protecting a home, we'd suggest getting them inspected before making any final decision. Roof inspections are the most important aspect of any prospective house purchase. It helps prevent big repairs by finding problems early on and can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

At Modern Seal Roofing, our experts have inspected various Melbourne roofs for over 25 years of our roofing expertise. Our roof restoration Melbourne inspectors often report the major upcoming expenses such as tearing up of the existing roof. But, you wouldn't want to wait until it's too late to get a second opinion from us. Our certified roof appraisers will be able to warn you about major upcoming expenses before they become glaringly obvious.

Here's how roof inspection helps you.

  • It can help you budget.

As a potential house purchaser, it's important that you know your assets, liabilities, and monthly income. This will ensure you don't overextend yourself financially.

You need to consider:

  • Convenience fees
  • Anticipated roof restoration in Eastern Melbourne
  • Roof repairs

The best way to estimate your additional costs as a homebuyer is through roof inspection. It will guide you in estimating the right price for the house.

  • Ensure efficiency of gutters

Your gutters are more than just pipes running down the side of your house. They prevent water damage that can make your home uninhabitable.

During roof inspections, it's necessary to have gutters and downpipes inspected as they may be the reason for leaks.

Alerting issues include:

  • Blockage due to accumulation of dirt, dust, leaves and debris.
  • Rusting or other wear and tear.
  • Inadequate width of depth or width.
  • Loose fittings and connections.
  • Detached or saggy gutters.
  • The expected life of the roof

In Australia, roofing materials come in a wide range of colours and styles. However, the most common roofing materials found in Australian homes include:

  • Metal/Colorbond Roofs
  • Terracotta Roofs
  • Tiled Roofs
  • Cement Roofs
  • Terracotta Roofs

Each of these materials come with its own unique quality, durability, price, and effectiveness that will ultimately help you determine which roof is right.

Metal roofs are known for their endurance, beauty, and durability. A well-maintained roof can last for decades, but metal roofs aren't indestructible. On the other hand, tiled roofs greatly resist fire, storms, lightning, and hail and come with an average lifespan of 20 to 50 years, based on their maintenance.

Let us save you from trouble. Hire Modern Seal Roofing to perform a pre-purchase home inspection today!

It's vital that you go into purchasing a property with all of the facts. Our professionals are experts at identifying small problems early on before they turn into big ones. As homebuyers, you can save yourself from unwanted damage and protect your investment.

By investing in any property roof inspection, you will be ensuring that you make the right purchasing decision.

Don't wait to get the right details every time by scheduling an appointment with us today!