How much does it cost to paint a roof?

June 1, 2023

Painting a roof is something every homeowner should consider seriously. Of the many aspects, the cost of painting a roof is one of the most crucial considerations for homeowners. Not only does painting your roof enhance the look of your property, but a well-painted roof protects from the exterior elements. 

Any individual who claims to offer painting services can tell you how much does it cost to paint a roof. However, as a homeowner, you should be aware of all the ins and outs of roof painting costs. This will allow you to plan your roof painting budget in advance, and you can decide if it’s the right time to move ahead. 

Read on the blog to know how much does it cost to paint a roof and how you can ensure you are paying judiciously. 

How often should you paint your roof?


As a general rule, every homeowner should get their roofs repainted every 10-15 years. This is assumed based on moderate weather damage and high-quality roof paint. Doing this will ensure your roof will last longer. 

However, you may need to go for roof painting early if your roof isn’t in good condition. Some common signs that indicate you need a roof painting include:

  • Fading roof colour
  • Roof stains
  • Roof decolourisation
  • Bubbles or cracks in roof paint
  • General makeover

 Consult your roofing contractor and get your roof inspected to know if you need to paint your roof anytime soon. 


Factors affecting roof painting cost

Before you hire a roof painting company and ask them for a quote, here are some factors that may affect the cost of your roof paint. 

  • Roof size

The size of your roof affects the cost, as roof painters charge per square meter. A larger roof means higher charges. The complexity of your roof design also impacts the price. For instance, intricate details in Victorian homes require more time and precision from painters. Whether painting tiles or combining colours, it adds to the difficulty. Hence, the paint cost will be high. 

  • Paint material

Many types of paint are available in the market, varying in their quality and hence the price. A good roof painting company will always recommend good-quality water-resistant, and chemical-free paint. Generally, such paints are slightly more pricey than ordinary ones. Moreover, high-quality painting tools and equipment will also impact the final roof painting cost. 

  • Roof pitch 

The slope of your roof affects how the painter can reach it safely. The painter and their team should be careful and take the necessary steps to stay safe. They should use a hoist when working on a too-steep roof, as it can be dangerous to stand on.

  • Roof design complexity

There are different types of roofs, and they are not all the same. If you're a homeowner, don't expect the cost of painting a gambrel roof or dormer roof to be the same as a gable roof. Complex roofs need special skills and extra equipment to paint.

  • Roof condition

Painting a roof is not always easy. Preparing the roof is necessary before starting the painting process. To ensure the paint will be applied easily and evenly, your painting contractor will use high-pressure equipment for roof cleaning. Cleaning the roof before painting is extremely important to make sure the paint will stick to the roof surface.

  • Preparation

The roof surface must be really clean before painting it. A powerful water spray will ensure the roof is free from peeling paint, dirt, filth, mould, and junk. Cleaning the roof requires extra time and labour, affecting the paint project's overall cost.  


Roof painting cost based on roof type

Besides the above factors, roof painting cost also highly depends on the roof type. This is because different roofing materials have different maintenance needs. The same roof sizes with different materials will also vary in their pricing. 

For instance, painting concrete tiled roofs can cost between $700 and $2600 for labour. Most of the expenses are for quality sealants and acrylic paints. Some homeowners choose to paint their roof tiles for aesthetic reasons, although it's not always necessary. Roof painters often suggest sealing concrete tiles to improve their condition and make them last longer.

On the other hand, the labour cost for painting colourbond roofs ranges from $700 to $1,700. The cost can be influenced by using preparatory coatings and rust treatments. The preparation involves removing dirt and debris, cleaning the surface with jet washers, and applying a primer for better adhesion.

A typical roof painting service includes sweeping, pressure cleaning, inspecting for damage, and applying the paint. To prevent waste, roof repairs and replacements are needed before painting. All these factors affect the overall cost of painting a roof. 


Tips to get an accurate roof painting quote

Now that you got an idea of the average roof painting cost in Australia, here are some vital tips to help you get accurate roof painting quotes. 

  • Get Multiple Quotes  

Getting quotes from multiple tradies will show you the cost range for your job, considering litres of paint and labour.

  • Enquire About Roof Repairs And Cleaning 

Roof painting can come with surprise cleaning and repair expenses. Some painters may not include these costs in their quotes. As such, you should ask the roof painting contractor about hidden charges, if any. 

  • Check Your Paint Material

Look for the paint options that are highly recommended for your job, goal, and climate. Compare their values and identify the best paint products for you.

  • Quality Over Cost 

As leading roof painting contractors in Melbourne, we suggest investing in a better product/service for lasting long-term results. Don't be tempted by a low quote. Instead, think about the recurring costs with a lower-quality product.


The Takeaway 

Roof painting is essential for your roof longevity, your safety, and maintaining the aesthetics of your property. As exciting as it may sound, roof painting is a time-consuming and challenging task. Hence, you should pay attention to the cost involved to avoid unnecessary expenses. 

A roof painting will cost you around $2,000 and $10,000 depending on your roof type, materials used and a few other factors. However, you should always consult your roof painting company to give you an accurate quote for the same.

If you are searching for a reliable roof painting company in Melbourne, get in touch with us! We will perform a detailed roof inspection and give you a roof painting cost estimation that fits your pocket. We are known for delivering top-quality, 4-coat system painting services that last longer. 

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