What to Consider When Hiring a Roofer

October 21, 2020

A roofing professional has expertise in providing overall roofing solutions. They undertake the entire process of roof installation, repairs, maintenance and servicing to ensure competent roofing solutions.

When it comes to hiring qualified roofers, homeowners should conduct thorough checks to ensure the abilities of the contractors. Hiring a Modern Seal Roofing team of experts will do away with all your worries. Our team of experts has been handling roof restoration in Melbourne over the past 25 years, making us one of the best choices to help you with the roofing issues.

How to choose the right roofer:

Do they have licensing and insurance?

In order to obtain a roofing license, roofers must prove their competence in their respective areas of work. Before availing a roofing license, they have to pass the necessary tests as pre-requisites. 

Therefore, a licensed roofer will be able to assure competent workmanship on your roof. Since they are licensed, they have the knowledge and skills to carry out roofing services. In addition to that, having insurance will protect you from any liability as they work on your roof.

Who are your local contractors?

With years of experience in the specific area, local roofing contractors are aware of the problems that generally arise in the community. They provide you with the best solutions for any given situation that matches the standards of the place. With 25 years plus experience in roof restoration in Eastern Suburbs and the surrounding area of Melbourne, we can assist you with your roofing needs. 

What is their experience?

Roofers who are new to the field and do not hold large amounts of experience may lack the eye for detail and finesse that a more seasoned professional may have. Therefore, it is important to consider the number of years, types of work and overall experience your professional has when making this decision.

Where can you find them?

A great way to select a future contractor is to see what tools they use to market to their clients and how they present themselves online. Whether it is going through their website, social media platforms or signing up to an email subscription, these little tools will give you a great idea as to how they operate and will connect with you if you choose to utilise their services. The digital space is growing rapidly, use it to your advantage to make the right decision for your home.

Are they up to industry standards?

A licensed roofing contractor will have to adhere to the rules and standards stated by the regulating agency. Therefore, they own industry-standard tools and techniques, ensuring you with the best of services. A contractor such as Modern Seal Roofing’s team of experts will provide you with this standard with every job.

What are their safety standards?

The entire process of roof restoration
and repairs is risky. The roofers need to climb to the highest point of your roof to inspect and repair any damages or perform maintenance. Roofing materials such as tiles, terracotta, cement and metal, are all trusted, but potentially dangerous materials. Modern Seal Roofing professionals have the safety equipment to ensure the safety of their workers.

Do they use quality materials?

Quality standards of the products used in the roofing process are of significant importance. Below standard materials may not help your roof and offer concerns for the future.

Hiring a team of professional roofers assures you of quality materials used. They will guide you through the different materials that will be used in the roofing exercise, giving light on their positives and negatives. It is to be noted that we use quality products and discourage the use of low-quality roofing materials.

Do they have positive reviews and feedback?

A qualified roofing contractor guides you to places where you can find testimonials from previous clients. If you browse over the internet, you should find testimonials of customers who have utilised the services previously.

In the absence of reviews online, you may ask the prospective roofer to provide you contact details of some of their previous customers directly. We encourage you to get in touch with them to get feedback on the services that are being offered.

What is their warranty coverage?

Warranties usually cover materials and workmanship. Apart from that, you will receive a separate warranty on materials that have been used. This warranty is generally from the manufacturer of the materials. If you face any issues within the warranty period, you can get it fixed. This is why warranties become essential. Your roofing contractor must provide you with the written copies of the warranties on materials they used in your roofs.

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