What Is Included in Roof Restoration Services?

July 22, 2020

If your roof is currently in need of some maintenance there may be a more economical option available, rather than total roof replacement. Roof restoration in Melbourne provides you with the benefits of not just a safe and weather-proof structure, but will also revive its appearance and make your roof look fantastic.

This procedure involves repairing, cleaning and repainting your roof to make it like new again. This process is proven to be beneficial long term for all kinds of roofs including galvanised iron, terracotta tile, Colorbond and more. If this is your very first experience with roof restoration, you might want to know more about the services included. Let’s delve into that topic in detail, shall we?

The steps involved in the roof restoration process:

A proper roof restoration begins with a full inspection, followed by a thorough cleaning. Our specialists will start by replacing the ridging cap and then apply a protective coating designed to keep the roof safe and clean. This entire procedure will provide your roof with a clean look and will actively add years to its lifespan.

Special services including extensive repair:

A roof restoration will differ based on the condition and type of your current roof. If the problems with your roof are minor, then the entire restoration process won’t take much time to complete. But if the roof needs extensive repair, then roof restoration has that covered as well. 

  • Our specialised technicians perform not just repair, but thorough cleaning of the roof as well.
  • We use modern tools and industry-leading technology to perform roof restoration services in Cheltenham.
  • The restoration service comes with 10, 15 and 20-year warranties as we are completely confident in our workmanship.

Preventing leaks and any future damage:

A poorly maintained roof is likely to suffer damage in harsh weather conditions and cause problems in the rest of your structure. This can lead to inconvenient and damaging water leaks, mould, rot, and stains. Roof restoration is one easy and proven way to ensure that every inch of your roof remains protected and in top condition.

  • Roof restoration experts will change the underlayment of the roof if needed to maintain a strong base for the top roofing layer.
  • If there are any leaks or damage, like broken tiles, then the team will repair those as well.
  • Any damaged areas will be sealed with a protective paint coat to seal off the restoration.

Each roof restoration procedure is different. Our experienced experts will take time to develop an individualised plan for your roof restoration.

For some roofs, it is possible to remove, clean and then reinstall individual sections to restore the roof without any expensive work. In the instance of tiled roofs, our experts evaluate each tile and preserve what can be repaired during the restoration.

To be sure you’re making the best choice, give the professionals a call to get an obligation-free evaluation of your roof today.