When Is the Best Time to Install a New Roof?

December 9, 2020

Roofing contractors work all year long, so getting a new roof installed should not be an issue in any season. It is common for homeowners to prolong roof replacement by fixing the existing roof.

The best time to fix your roof is when you have planned the repairs well in advance, to avoid hasty decisions and inflated costs. It is best to get your roof inspected by the roofing experts for restoration guidance.

Peak season vs Offseason

The busiest time for roofing contractors is during the late summer months and through the fall. This period is when homeowners will often have to wait for a month or so to get their roofs replaced. The reason for the influx is because the rainy season has ended and the country starts to cool down. For new roof installation, keeping your roof dry is very important.

April 1st is usually when the busy period begins for roofing contractors. During this time roofing repair prices will usually spike, from both the physical service provider and the material supplier as well. To avoid this, we suggest that you remember the best time to install new roofs is during the summer, spring and winter months.  

Let’s dive into the specifics of roofing services for roof installation, in relation to the different seasons. 


One advantage of getting a new roof during winter is that it is less expensive than the warmer months. You’ll also be able to book an appointment with the roof restoration experts easily. It may take longer to seal the roof with roof sealants, but the warranties remain the same. New tiles need to go through thermal screening at a minimum of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, however, you’ll be able to lock in roofing services and buy your materials at a lower price. 


As mentioned above, summer months are usually the busiest months to get a roof restoration in Melbourne. One downside to a tiled roof is that tiles tend to get damaged faster in the summer months than in winter, due to the excessive heat.

As these are the busiest months and the best time to replace your roof climate-wise, you will find that most roofers in the area will be busy. The roofing materials you need will also tend to be at a higher price. 


Wet months are the worst months for roof replacement, as the roof needs to be dry to be worked on. The rain can affect the strength of your roof as it will wash off the sealant from the roof seals. It is best to opt for an alternative to roof replacement in these rainy months. If it is urgent, you will need to get your roof fixed despite the weather. 

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