What are the most common roof problems?

March 30, 2023

The roof is one of your home’s most exposed and essential parts. This is especially true in Australia, as our roofs take the brunt of 4 different seasons. While our roofs protect us from rain, storms and heat, they experience a lot because of these external conditions. All this leads to roofing issues, which are quite prevalent in Australia.  

Since the roof plays a crucial role in your home’s safety, roofing issues should be diagnosed and fixed immediately. Regular roof inspections can also help you identify potential roofing issues that may build up later if not fixed early. 

Knowing to identify and take necessary actions to fix them can help you save costly repairs. To add to your knowledge, below are some of the most common roof problems Australians face and ways to avoid or address them.

Common Roof Problems & Ways To Deal With Them


If you are noticing water stagnation on your roof, it might be a sign of ponding. It is the accumulation of water in some areas of your roofing system. 

Ponding may cause a lot of roof problems, including sagging. Unnecessary load on the roof area is a potential cause for ponding. If your roof is experiencing ponding, this may cause many issues, one of which is sagging due to the unnecessary load on the area. 

The primary cause of ponding is improper installation of the air conditioning unit or improper drainage on the gutters. If you don’t address this problem timely, it may result in health issues due to mould and mosquitoes. 

To avoid such problems, you should get your HVAC unit and gutters checked by professionals for necessary fixes. 


Another common roofing problem most Australians face is a leaking roof. The worsening of this problem can do severe damage. Your roof will develop holes and cracks over time, allowing water to seep in. This can further cause damage to your home.  

Leaks are one of the trickiest issues, as pinpointing their source isn’t always easy. Immediately seek professional help when you notice signs of damage in your home. This is the best way to avoid damage due to a leaking roof. 

Nesting Pest & Animals

Australia, being home to various animal species, faces a common problem - nesting of animals on or on the roofs. 

Animals like possums and rodents can build nests on your roof and destroy your installation. They can also tear holes in your roofing material, clog your gutters, and harm other areas of your attic and roof. 

The only way to avoid this issue is to prevent your roof from becoming a habitat for animals. 

Blistering & Improper Roof Installation 

Are you noticing any surface erosion, like bubbles on your roof? These are called roof blisters. Improper roof installation is a potential cause of blisters. These are also a sign of poor or lack of roof maintenance.  

Using poor-quality roof material and improper installation can drastically increase the chances of roofing problems. Ultimately, this reduces the life of your roofing system. For instance, poorly installed roofs are more likely to deteriorate quickly and develop leaks. 

While such issues may not be easily detected, they could result in failure, premature aging, and many other roof problems later. To prevent such issues, you must get a roof inspection done and consult a reliable roof restorer near you. 

Branches and Other Debris

While having plants and trees in your premises keeps you ‘green’ and protected, branches are a great threat to your roof system. Debris of branches, leaves and twigs can clog your gutter system. Further, constant rubbing from branches can wear down your roof material, causing leaks. 

To avoid these issues, ensure the trees close to your roof are trimmed and maintained regularly. Also, when planting new ones, you should keep them far from your roof. Check for debris and clean your roof after heavy winds, rains or storms.

Penetrations and Roof Holes

Hail and strong winds are important factors that damage your roofing materials. These can further lead to punctures in your roof. Also, when penetrations or new equipment are added to your roof, the performance of your roofing system can deteriorate.  

Traffic due to heavy construction may also lead to the development of cause cuts or scrapes in your roofing membrane. This eventually damages the underlying substrate, causing leaks and other roofing issues.  

To avert such problems, promptly fix any damage to your roof. Also, keep a check on the traffic on the roof and inspect it after incidences of extreme weather. 

Moulds and Moisture Build-up

As a homeowner, you may love to plant trees and other vegetation. However, the leaves and other plant debris can get accumulated on your roofs during heavy winds and storms. Not regularly cleaning your roof for leaves and other plant debris can lead to gutter and roofing issues.  

Leaves on your roof can retain moisture over time, allowing mould and moss growth. If left unchecked, this build-up can lead to the deterioration and rotting of your roofing materials. 

If you don’t want to face this problem, regularly clear leaves and other debris from your gutters and roof. Installing gutter guards is another way to keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters.

Lack Of Roof Maintenance

Poor maintenance is one of the major causes of roofing issues and damage. Like your home, garage, or garden, your roof needs to be inspected, cleaned and maintained regularly to maintain good condition.

Regular inspections allow you to spot any potential issues early on and take the required actions to address them. Moreover, cleaning regularly and painting over time will help protect your roof and extend its lifespan. 


The Takeaway

Now that you know the common roofing problems, start taking measures to prevent damage. Regular inspections, proper maintenance and immediate actions are the best ways to ensure a healthy and long-lived roofing system. 

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