Signs You Need Roof Restoration

July 22, 2020

A high-quality roof is a long term investment in your property. This part of the building takes a beating daily from harsh weather conditions, in order to protect the structure of your home. Roofs need regular maintenance checks to extend their lifespan and ensure the safety of the occupants beneath them. Depending on the age and type of roof, any damage will often need to be attended ASAP to maintain the integrity of a building.

Sometimes basic repair work won’t do you any good and you’ll need full roof restoration services in Melbourne. Replacing the entire roof is the only option if you want the structure to stand reliably for decades to come. Signs your roof is in need of full restoration can include:

Degrading paintwork:

Peeling paintwork on the roof can be a sign of underlying issues in the interior of the roof. Damaged or flaking paint will not only look unsightly but will slowly hinder the ability of the roof to protect your property from elements. A good quality paint job will provide better protection, increase the roof’s lifespan and add value to your property.

Wear and tear around roof:

Places, where roof deterioration develops initially, are usually around vents, pipes, chimneys and other objects which penetrate the roof. If you see wear and tear around these areas, give our experts a call for the best advice and roof restoration in Croydon. You should never ignore these signs as they may lead to some disastrous problems later, with much higher repair bills.

Staining on the interior walls or ceilings:

Discolouration on ceilings or walls including water stains is the result of leaks in your roof or problems with the roof’s underlayment, which allows moisture into your home. Restoring the underlayment of your roof can solve these issues with ease. 

Replacing the roof’s flashing can help some leaks, however, if the culprit is the porous underlayment you’ll need a complete roof restoration.

Holes and cracks in tiles:

Roofing tiles that are broken or cracked must be replaced to ensure ongoing protection of your home from harsh weather conditions. It just takes one damaged tile to allow water to seep into your home and damage insulation, stain walls, form blisters and bubbles.

Damaged tiles can also lead to mould and rot. Mould grows rapidly and will leave marks on ceilings, walls and carpets. Mould can also present a health hazard to occupants of the building. To avoid mould growth you need to contact roof restoration experts.

Our professionals have the experience to cover all kinds of roof restoration jobs, no matter how complex it might be. Give them a call for all your roof restoration needs.