How to find and fix a leaky metal roof?

June 9, 2022

If you own a building or home with a metal roof system, it’s important that the roof is in good condition and properly maintained.

A metal roof can last for decades if it is properly maintained. However, if left unchecked, metal roofs can become damaged and worn down over time.

Some of the common signs of wear on a metal roof include rusting, brittle piping and cracks in the paint. If you notice any of these signs, you must contact your local roofer immediately so they can assess the damage and recommend the best course of action.

What are the common signs of metal roof leaks?

If you're experiencing water damage in your home, it's possible that a leaky roof is a culprit. Roof leaks aren't always easy to spot, but they can cause extensive damage if not addressed quickly. Here’s how to find a leak on a metal roof:

  • Stains on insulation

Insulation is often used around ventilation pipes and chimneys, which means that it's vulnerable to moisture damage from leaking air conditioners and furnaces. If you notice stains on insulation in these areas, this could be another sign of metal roof leaks.

  • Wet spots on your ceiling 

If you see wet spots on the ceiling or walls, it's likely that water is coming through a storm door or window above your roof. This can be caused by wind-driven rain or snow pushing water against the wall.

  • Sagging or cracking roofing material

If you notice sagging or cracking roofing material, it may be a sign of a leaky roof. These problems usually appear in areas where there are multiple layers of sheets and a possible large gap between them.

  • Mould growth in the attic space

Mould will grow when water sits for an extended period of time, especially if there are no vents to allow airflow in the attic space.

  • Puddles of water on top of your roof

If you discover puddles of water on top of your roof, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s leaking. It could just be condensation from the heat inside the house escaping through the vents. But if it happens frequently, say every time it rains, there may be a problem.

Causes of your metal roof leaks

When water penetrates a metal roof, it can lead to corrosion and rusting in the underlying steel. This causes the steel to weaken and become more susceptible to future damage. Water penetration can occur through improperly installed flashing around windows, doors, chimneys and other openings in your home’s exterior walls. It may also happen if you have an unsecured skylight or any other opening in your roof that allows water to seep down into your attic space and cause problems with your roofing system.

Here are some of the common causes and how to repair a leaking metal roof:

  • Stack Flashings

Stack flashings are the vertical pieces of metal that go over the top of the chimney or other structure on your roof. These tend to be the first place where water gets in if they're not sealed properly. They should be sealed with silicone caulk and have flashing tape over them to keep out any water that gets past the caulk.  If they aren't installed properly, they can leak and cause problems with your roof.

  • Missing Sealants

Missing sealants can be caused by a variety of reasons. The most common issue is improper installation. If the sealant was not applied properly, it can become damaged over time and leak. It can also be a result of poor maintenance practices. For example, if you don't clean your roof regularly then dirt and debris can accumulate in the sealant joints which will eventually cause them to wear down and start leaking.

If your roof has missing sealants, they need to be replaced as soon as possible before the damage becomes worse and causes more serious problems with your home's structure than just leaks in your attic space.

  • Curb flashings

These are flashing pieces that surround the perimeter of your home. They seal off any gaps between the roof and the house so that water doesn't get in. If these pieces do not sit flush with the curb, then there is a good chance that water may penetrate underneath them and leak into your attic or crawl space. This can lead to mould growth and rot in your home's framing.

  • Poorly installed vent pipes

Vent pipes sit atop your roof, near the chimney. They allow air to escape during a fire by blowing smoke out instead of into your walls or attic. If a vent pipe becomes loose over time, rainwater can get inside your house through this opening.

How will Modern Seal Roofing help in fixing your leaky metal roof?

Metal roofs have been used as a popular choice for homeowners for years. They look great and can last for decades. However, metal roofs are prone to leaks due to the fact that they are made of metal. This makes them susceptible to rust, which causes leaks in your home or business.

When it comes time to fix your leaky metal roof, you can count on Modern Seal Roofing to do the job right. We use the best materials available to ensure that your roof is properly sealed and ready to last long. We have over 25 years of experience in this field and our team of experts is dedicated to providing excellent customer service with every step of the way. Our goal is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work and how it improves your home's value.

For more details regarding metal roof repairs in Melbourne, get in touch with our experts today!