How often should you get your gutters cleaned?

March 11, 2022

The guttering system is an important part of any home. It is installed to help keep rainwater away from the structure of your home. If you want to avoid any serious problems, you need to make sure that your home's gutter system is on the spot. When your gutters clog, the water overflows and can damage your roof and the fascia board, which is the board behind the gutter that holds it up. This can lead to the formation of mould, rotting wood, cracked or missing roofing material and even insect infestation.

The only way to ensure optimal functioning of gutters is by keeping them clean on a regular basis, but this can be challenging. We are the first choice of Melbourne homeowners for professional gutter cleaning and maintenance.

How often should gutters be cleaned?

In most cases, you will want to clean your gutters at least twice or thrice a year. However, some houses need it more frequently, depending on the property's location and the type of roof.

You can tell when to clean your gutters by checking them after storms. If they are full of fallen leaves and branches, it's time you get your gutters inspected through professional gutter cleaners.

Why is gutter cleaning so important?

Gutter cleaning is important because you want to avoid costly damage to your home. The purpose of your gutters is to carry water away from the house so that it doesn't get into the foundation or basement. If there is a lot of buildup in the gutters, then water will not flow freely through them as it should. Instead, it will sit there and pool up until, eventually, it overflows onto the ground around your home. The process of gutter maintenance is an important step in the overall maintenance of your home. It prevents the buildup of debris and water, which can cause leaks and damage to your home's exterior siding and foundation.

Proper gutter maintenance is essential in preserving the integrity of your home. Gutters that are not cleared of debris can cause water to back up onto your roof or into your home, leading to costly repairs.

The most common gutter system includes a downspout- the vertical pipe that carries the water from the eavestrough to the ground. The downspout may consist of a splash block at the base to help prevent erosion. Some gutters include leaf or debris guards.

Why should you opt for professional gutter cleaning instead of DIY?

DIY gutter cleaning can be dangerous, depending upon how high up the roof you have to go. It's not easy to clean the gutters as they may be located in elevated places of your house. You may not have a ladder that can reach that height. Even if you do, it is a tedious and time-consuming job, and there is always a risk of getting injured while doing it. However, it is important to keep your gutters clean because if you don't do so, it can lead to some serious problems.

It's best to get professional help for gutter cleaning through experts in your area. They have all of the equipment necessary to get the job done quickly and safely. Also, they have the knowledge and expertise to handle your gutter and related repairs.

Why choose Modern Seal Roofing experts for your gutter cleaning and maintenance needs?

Our professional gutter cleaners have been doing this for years and understand the ins and outs of the job. We know exactly where to look for debris in your gutters, what type of debris is common in a particular area, and how best to clean it out. Our team also knows how often gutter cleaning needs to be done and, in case of signs of further damage, the extent of repairs.

Our staff uses a combination of equipment to safely clean gutters. We utilise ladders (both extension & ladder-assisted), hydraulic lifts, as well as blowers & vacuums to ensure that gutters are cleaned properly.

The best part- our rates for roof restoration, gutter cleaning and other services in Bentleigh are affordable and based on the size and accessibility of the roof. 

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