6 Signs That Will Lead to Roof Damage

December 14, 2020

What are the signs that will lead to roof damage? Roofs often project warning signs. Ignoring these signs can lead to serious damage in the roof, posing a threat to the structure and its dwellers. Thus, it becomes important to notice the warning signs indicating imminent damage or deterioration. 

Modern Seal Roofing is a reputable roofing contractor in Melbourne. Our team of professionals have handled a high volume of roof restoration in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We have listed out some of the crucial signs that indicate damage within this page. If ignored, minor roofing issues may become serious, costing you much more later on. 

  1. Water leaks signalling roof damage. 
  2. Roof tiles are curled, cracked or missing.
  3. Clogged Gutters.
  4. Popping Nails.
  5. Flaking Roof Paint.
  6. Higher energy bills

Follow these signs to take note of your roof's condition and its problems in the early stages.


  • Water leaks signalling roof damage

Water can seep into your property from many different possible openings in the roof. In worst-case scenarios, water spots can be noticed on ceilings and interior walls. 

If you want to check for water leaks, it is best to check on and around the roof. If you find traces of water in the attics, it is a signal of water leaking within the house. 

  • Roof tiles are curled, cracked or missing

Roof tiles prevent external elements from entering your home. If you notice broken or missing roof tiles, it may have already been the reason for water leakage, or it might lead to leaks. 

Roof tiles are subject to harsh the Australian weather and other external elements. Often, constant banging of overhead tree branches can break the tiles, providing a passage for external elements to enter within.   

  • Clogged gutters

Water gushing down smoothly from the gutters indicates a clear gutter line without any blockages. This is the state of a healthy gutter, which keeps your roof in good shape.

However, roof tiles often shed their granules as they become old or wear out. These granules often find their way in gutters, blocking the flow of water, causing water pools on and around the roof. Apart from granules, debris and fallen leaves can accumulate in the gutter line, also causing a blockage. It is best to get your gutters inspected from time to time to avoid blockages and uphold its state. 

  • Popping of nails

This usually happens with metal roofs. The metal sheets are attached to each other with the help of nails and sealants. Popping out of nails indicates loose sheeting, along with a danger of wearing away. 

The Modern Seal Roofing team will replace the old and worn nails with new ones while providing Melbourne roof restoration services. It will make your roof sturdy and reliable once again. 

  • Flaking of roof paint

Roof paint protects the roofing material from wearing off prematurely. It does not just affect the look of your house, but also its functionality. 

Flaking roof paint means there is moisture in the attic. Poorly ventilated roofs increase humidity, which can peel the paint off. 

  • Higher energy bills

If you notice a sudden jump in your heating or cooling costs, it could be a sign that warm or cool air is escaping from your house. To fix this, you must fix any holes and improve the ventilation in your house, in order to see a drop in your energy bill.  

Why is it important to hire professional roofers for a roof inspection?

Homeowners can undertake a visual inspection of the roof from the ground regularly, however, it is not possible to thoroughly access the entire roof from the ground. With such an assessment, there is a significant chance of missing important signs of damage, due to the lack of safety in attempting to climb on the roof yourself. 

It's advisable to hire roofing experts who will climb up your roof and inspect your entire roof, safely. If you are looking for such roofers, contact us without delay on +61 413 464 666. You can send your queries to us at [email protected]. Our roofing contractors in Melbourne will address all of your roofing needs.